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Crooked Creek Cabins Bed and Breakfast (CCCBB)
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Seedling Tomatos

We are Mac and Linda Carter, owners and your host at Crooked Creek Cabins Bed and Breakfast.  This is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of ours.

We moved to Central, Alaska in 1995, and have continually worked at accomplishing our dream.  Mac Homesteaded the property and built a cabin on it in 1985.  After living one year on the land he traveled to Kentucky, in search of employment in the printing industry.  There, we met!

Linda, being from a small town in Kentucky, was used to a small community and life in Central was easy to get used to, even the winters.

B&B Construciton

Before too long both of us were working for the small school in our community, Mac became the bus driver, while Linda was the elementary teacher‘s aide.  We both truly loved our jobs, the “children” brought so much joy to our lives.

During this time we still had our dream of a B&B in our hearts. Whatever we could save went into fulfilling our dream.  Little by little, it became more of a reality.  When we both lost our jobs at the school in 2010, due to a lack of students, the B&B became a priority in our lives.

We are now able to have guests stay with us in our home.

The cabins are still a dream, but we are both so blessed to be able to entertain and welcome new people into our lives.

Call us anytime at (907) 520-5999 · International: 0011 1 (907) 520-5999 or send us your Questions

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